To encourage the development for modern ZX Spectrum, our compo accepts not only works for old good ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K, but also for Pentagon 128K/512K/1024K, ATM-Turbo 2(+), ATM3, Pentagon 2.666 and ZX Evolution (baseconf).

All works go in single competition, and the viewers must decide if the requirements of your game are not overstated. So you can prove that excellent design and exciting gameplay perfectly fit into 6912 screen bytes and 3 voices of AY are the only things needed to win.

Besides that, we also encourage you to support additional peripheral devices, such as kempston mouse, General Sound and NeoGS, TurboAY, TurboFM, most of which are also available on the ordinary ZXes. Again we encourage you to use HDD/SD for game storage, while still perfectly allowing .tap and .trd storage.

More details are in rules.

Some info regarding ATM-Turbo и ZX Evo (baseconf)